About Dd

Dd(Design Drastic) is a blog that publishes articles, demos and free assets about web development. In particular, we write about HTML5 and CSS3 snippets, free templates and Photoshop mockups.

At Dd blog, you will find latest resources on web designing and web development. The aim of creating this blog is to share knowledge and provide learning materials to the aspiring web developers.

Our Team

Dd is an ambitious project of the Team Techmate. One causal day, we jot down our thoughts started building this blog. The creative members of our firm are the writers of various blog posts and tutorials and creative assets.

With the belief "Sharing is Caring", we will keep the website free to everyone. So, we are always looking for those creaive fellows who would like to work with us and be part of our growing community. Contact us Today!

Design Drastic

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